Tornero, Pablo; Garraín, Daniel

The development of energy from renewable sources and its increasing over the years has been an alternative issue in order to achieve a more sustainable future and to replace fossil energy. This study focuses on photovoltaic energy, with an expected increase of almost 300% the next decade, and estimating to reach an installed power of more than 1,500 GW worldwide. The objective of this work is the analysis of the viability of the supply of several strategic materials (CRM, critical raw materials), for the near future and the consumption to entail the demand in 2030. Two hypothetical scenarios are proposed: i) conservative, where the latest reserve data is kept; and ii) variable, where a constant increase on reserve as previous years is assumed. After the analysis and evaluation of the results, it is concluded that in both scenarios the demand would be supplied, assuming that the mining extraction efficiencies and the yields of the photovoltaic cells would remain constant.