TU.2.C || The Role of Industry in Sustainable Supply Chains

Baitz, Martin; Bos, Ulrike; Kupferschmid, Stefan; Premer, Stefan; Partl, Hannes

The concept of Decarbonization is picked up by industry, but also still a differently used vogue term. Searching the Internet results in connections to concepts like e.g., Low carbon economy, Circular economy, Green economy, Green growth, Natural resource economics, Renewable energy commercialization, Sustainable design, Sustainable development, Carbon emission trading, Carbon footprint, Carbon offset, Carbon neutrality, Net Carbon Zero. The general intention of Decarbonization seems to be clear and certain aspects and concepts related to it are addressed by ISO standards. However, a definition of the framework and how aspects and concepts may consistently fit together is lacking; let alone (sector) specific rules, best practices, guidance or “do’s and don’ts”. This presentation will give insights based on our experiences from working with different industries and OEMs, that seriously and responsibly apply “their” concept of Decarbonization together with their suppliers. Implementing a consistent and successful Decarbonization Initiative in a quantifiable, manageable and communicable way implies more than defining a suitable concept. Besides a well-defined method considering the relevant life cycle aspects a process to engage with employees, suppliers and the board of directors is needed. Suitable data sources consisting of own primary facility data as well as adequate and actual background data is as important as a suitable software support. Quantifiable and reliable results are more important than ever, as “todays carbon budget is tomorrows currency”. Responsible internal and external communication is closing the loop of a suitable Decarbonization approach in a well-known “plan-do-check-act” improvement setting. The presentation may attract industry as well as academia as stimulation and alignment trigger, as LCA and LCM should be the core guiding principle in Decarbonization.