WE.1.E || Green-Lean-Digital

Lindén, Hanna; Chiew, Yoon Lin; Centerholt, Victor; Saarikko, Ted; Lundstrom, Anders

Digital solutions and technologies for industry and society provide a new means for transformation into a more sustainable society in terms of reduced environmental impact as well as social inclusiveness. In order to push this transformation even further, an ongoing project is now studying how automatically generated data from connected equipment can be used as a input data for efficient resource management and sustainable development, e.g. by improving internal working processes as well as increasing the citizen engagement. As a means for more effective and efficient resource management and working methods, sensors are fitted to waste receptacles which in turn generate data on the volume of waste deposited. This can in turn provide useful information for waste collectors who then only have to drive to receptacles that actually need emptying rather than every single collection point. During a previous proof-of-concept project, the municipality equipped 160 receptacles with sensors. This proof-of-concept project provided insights into how Internet of Things (IoT) could enable route optimization and dynamically adjusted working schedules for increased operational efficiency. As the current project progresses, interviews and workshops will be applied as a way of 1) understanding current opportunities and challenges in the municipality that could potentially be solved using digital technology, and 2) further test and develop some of these concepts for practical use. The environmental impact of the applied technologies and settings will also be assessed using life cycle assessment (LCA) to ensure the total environmental impact for the applied concepts are less than for the previous setting. The project is scheduled to conclude in early 2023, but the presentation will include preliminary results in the ongoing effort to inform, engage, and include citizens in the drive towards sustainable resource management.