Plancke, Luc; Thuring, Mihaela

Addressing the environmental problems of our world is critical for our future. Its relevance is shown by increased public and private engagement for a sustainable society. It is encouraging to see the increase of Environmental Product Declarations developed and published. Initiatives to quantify the environmental impact of a buildings and their elements are rising. While substantial progress has been made in the last years to address methodological issues, there are still a number of blockers for the implementation of product life cycle oriented environmental strategies in daily business routines. The high costs of LCA studies and the required expertise are some of those. As digitization is a key factor for a widespread business use we propose a digital LCA tool, aimed at EPD development and ecodesign implementation. The ENPERAS tool provides specialist support for the set-up of a LCA model for a productgroup, allowing afterwards an easy, intuitive, non-specialist use for the exploration of product alternatives. A unique feature of the ENPERAS tool is the integration of the specific scenarios and environmental indicators in line with multiple PCRs, as required by EPD program operators in specific countries. This allows companies to instantly develop environmental profiles for their products in multiple countries, reducing thus the necessary time, costs and expertise.