Marchamalo, Julio; Carrilho, Dina; Sotelo, Jorge; Gómez, Beatriz

ERA-MIN3: RAW MATERIALS FOR THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY (2020-2025) is a global, innovative and flexible pan-European public-public network of 24 research funding organisations of 18 EU MS countries/regions, one EU Associated Country and province of Québec and South Africa, supported by EU H2020. ERA-MIN3 aims to support and promote R&I cooperation in Europe and globally, in the area of non-fuel, non-food raw materials (metallic, construction and industrial minerals) through one EU co-funded Joint Transnational Call for R&I proposals in 2021 and one additional call in 2023. ERA-MIN3 scope of the joint transnational calls is needs-driven research that clearly demonstrate potential to promote the sustainable and responsible supply, exploration, extraction, processing technologies, resource efficient production, consumption and low environmental impact recycling of primary and secondary minerals and metals, as well as substitution of critical raw materials, in a circular economy. A crucial challenge is to consider societal impact and public perception, health and safety issues as well as new business models and digital technologies. ERA-MIN3 is built on the success of ERA-MIN 2, a R&I programme on raw materials to foster the circular economy that has launched three consecutive joint transnational calls (2017, 2018 & 2019) which have funded a total of 40 R&I running projects addressing all aspects of the non-energy, non-agricultural raw materials life cycle, covering both primary and secondary resources: 1) supply of raw materials from exploration and mining, 2) product design and processing, 3) production and remanufacturing, 4) recycling and re-use of end-of-life products as well as 5) cross-cutting topics. Successively, ERA-MIN2 was built on the experience of ERA-MIN (2011-2015) that has supported a total of 17 already ended R&I projects through its transnational joint calls to secure a “Sustainable Supply of Raw Materials in Europe”.