Cor, Emmanuelle; Guerid, Josua; Desrousseaux, Stéphanie; Monnier, Elise

This communication will present the work realized in a R&D department of the French Commission for Atomic and Alternative energies (CEA/DTNM) to integrate Circular Economy in research activities related to new materials development. The conducted work was based on the French standard XP X30-901 specifications, relative to Circular Economy project management system implementation. A tool (the Indicator Circular Economy Tool – ICE-T) has been developed to support R&D, operational and strategic teams in the department for the evaluation of the circularity of their activities. The concept of the tool is based on a qualitative evaluation of the Circular Economy implementation through questionnaires and allows the calculation of a global circularity indicator from 0 to 100. A visual dashboard with specific circularity indicators has also been developed to measure, manage and identify areas for improvement within the organization. This tool, the approach used for its development as well as a feedback of its use by the different teams will be presented in this communication.