Kaminski, Kilian

Households are using and hoarding more electronics than ever before. This has led to an exceedingly high and exponentially growing demand for natural resources. The production of high-tech gadgets often involves the use of rare-earth elements. About 70 % of mobile phones are replaced by customers despite being in perfect working condition. However, smartphones and other electronic devices allow for several years of usage in technically immaculate condition – provided that certain device components can be replaced easily and effectively in case of damage. The reuse of devices and the shift towards refurbished electronics is a key driver of the circular economy. Extending the lifetime of electronics decreases the demand for new products and the CO2 emissions associated with their manufacturing, preserves resources as well as mitigating the subsequent difficulties of e-waste disposal. In providing high-quality renewed electronics, online marketplace refurbed proves customers that sustainable electronics do not have to be expensive. RefurbedTM products look new, are 40% cheaper and cause 70% less CO2 than the equivalent new product. With strict quality controls, minimum 12 months warranty and a 30-day return policy, refurbed ensures the high quality of its products and convinces customers that refurbished products are even better than new devices. Moreover, for every product sold, refurbed plants a tree, making the purchase CO2 negative. By selling refurbished consumer electronics refurbed has saved over 77,000 kilograms of e-waste and over 13 million kilograms of CO2 in 2020 alone. Founded in 2017, the Austrian start-up has already become the leading marketplace for refurbished electronics in Germany and Austria and is currently operating in 13 European countries such as Italy and France. Refurbed successfully established a business model that combines monetization and sustainability. In fact, the more refurbished electronics refurbed sell, the better for our planet!