WE.2.E || Mobilizing LCA Resources Through Digital Collaboration

Carlsson, Raul; Davis, Jennifer; Edoff, Petra; Karpenja, Tatjana; Lorentzon, Katarina; Rex, Emma

Most of the research institutes that during the last years merged to create RISE Research Institutes of Sweden had previously developed unique ways of delivering LCA competence, services and data to Swedish industry and public sector. Thereby RISE holds a unique position to establish itself as a leader in the LCA field, in practical application areas such as lifestyle and sustainability analyses, scenario simulation and modeling, service innovation, and policy recommendations at different system levels. To put this in effect, the competence groups of the former separate institutes need to establish synergetic collaboration and operational infrastructure of knowledge, internal standards, and data sharing, as well as concerted LCA offerings. Recognizing the general explosion of interest for environmental assessments, such as carbon footprints, from industry, public sector and consumers, RISE now focuses its capacity to manage different types and formats of life cycle data for internal use as well as for customer offerings. The goal is to increase availability of the life cycle competence connected to RISE’s technical breadth, to provide synergized competence in support of sustainable transition to industry and society. During 2020 the first step towards this goal resulted in an internal shared view of RISE’s LCA offerings and common fundamental and flexible data documentation principles for all different life cycle data within RISE’s different life cycle competence groups. This is an achievement, considering that formats for data presentations within RISE ranges from aggregated carbon footprint results of per kg of products to ILCD European Product Environmental Footprints. During 2021 the RISE effort is dedicated to formation of a solid platform for generic life cycle data sharing, through common internal data exchange formats and interfaces towards customers, as well as a long-term governance, maintenance and competence supply for the synergetic collaboration.