WE.3.D || Life Cycle Management in Education and Culture

Schiller Becerra, Maira Christina; Nangah Mankaa, Rose

Problem and aim: As sustainability is becoming the focus of today’s world, life cycle management is becoming a fundamental tool for the present and the future. Serious Game (SG) is a widely accepted tool to build and strengthen capacities within adults and shift the key audience from LCA experts to non-experts. As of now there are many games available that teach about Environmental Life Cycle Assessment but none deal with Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA). Hence, Sociabill was developed as the first SG that addresses the social pillar of sustainability. Method: Sociabill is based on the 2020 UNEP Guidelines of S-LCA, recently published under the Life Cycle Initiative and gives adults a holistic overview of the methodology. The SG takes a role-play perspective, in which the participants are entrepreneurs who want to launch their first T-shirt collection. The aim of the game is that players build their business only focusing on social impacts from cradle to grave. At the end of the game, the winner is nominated based on the purchases made and all players go through a mock audit to unveil the company type they created. They can reach the status of social leaders, social aspirants or social laggers. Results: Sociabill was tested during several gaming sessions in which players had to fill out a quiz at the end of the game. The results show, that the players without any prior S-LCA knowledge reached on average the same amount of correct answers as the ones with prior knowledge. Therefore, it can be said that through playing Sociabill participants gain a holistic overview of the methodology. Conclusion: The SG Sociabill improves adult learning and thus, is a key tool for educators that aim to spread S-LCA knowledge to professionals of any intellectual background. It is clear that Sociabill has a great potential in promoting social life cycle thinking and hence S-LCA as a decision-making instrument for policy developments and company strategies.