Pfeuffer, Simon; Wehner, Daniel; Lenz, Katrin; Borschewski, David

Various institutes of the research campus Stuttgart have built up a substantial knowledge-base on the sustainability of products and innovations. So far, access to this knowledge-base is mostly limited to formats such as project reports, articles on websites and in scientific journals. With respect to knowledge transfer for industrial application, these formats lack to enable practitioners to use the knowledge in a company’s environment as they mostly do not provide individual, company-specific information. Furthermore, building up knowledge by reading articles and project reports is time-consuming. Consequently, there is a gap for a faster, more efficient way of communicating project results in order to provide applicable knowledge on sustainability of products and innovations efficiently to practitioners in industry. The WiTra web platform (WiTra) aims to fill this gap by providing an online platform with interactive visualizations (dashboards), which provide dense knowledge on sustainability aspects of products and innovations available at the research campus in Stuttgart at one glance. Interactive visualizations on specific research topics enable the user of WiTra to apply the knowledge on individual sustainability related questions. By adjusting the parameters of the interactive visualizations the user also gets quick insights about the relevance of products and innovations for the own business. WiTra’s interactive visualizations are linked with further information on the innovations, the data used and available demonstrators for users that require more detailed knowledge. Current research presented on WiTra relates for example to topics such as biobased materials, sustainable wood constructions and innovative fiber construction methods. WiTra is built to be extended by further knowledge with new results and data, also on further sustainability research topics.