TU.3.C || Operationalising Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment

Moraes, Adriana Graziela de; Venâncio, Rebeca; Silva, Max

In 2021, the Demarchi + Ecoefficient program – a pioneering action by BASF in São Paulo/Brazil – will complete 10 years of existence, disseminating the concept of life cycle management of paint production processes, combining an analysis of the environmental and economic impacts of production with an employee engagement program, with a focus on sharing the results of eco-efficiency and implemented projects in a universal language. In 10 years of the program, we can observe a gain in awareness on the part of employees regarding sustainability and countless environmental and economic benefits, such as the evaluation of more than 15 projects implemented for cleaner production and optimization of resources – e.g. the replacement of powdered calcium carbonate consumption for liquid, avoiding the internal dilution and mixing process and consequently lower consumption of energy and water; with regard to engagement, employees share experiences of good practices in their areas in internal communication channels encouraging others to adopt sustainable measures. These practices contribute to a positive impact on the brand’s image and reputation of USD 394,000, a financial impact of R$ 8 million equivalent to the ROI and a saving of USD 2 million, and an environmental impact by avoiding the emission of 1.1 thousand tons of CO2 equivalent into the atmosphere. Due to the results obtained throughout the program, the leaders and employees are feel encouraged to continuously seek new improvement solutions, simulating more sustainable raw materials and aiming to support the acquisition of certifications, such as ISO standard 50.001 referring to energy efficiency and sustainable energy management.