TU.1.D || Life Cycle Thinking in Companies and Organizations

Wikström, Anna; Toller, Susanna; Einarsson, Kristina; Spak, Björn; Thornéus, Joakim; Palander, Sara; Rydberg, Maria

There is a need for life cycle competence in the society and that policies and legislation better include a life cycle perspective on environmental impact. We have also seen an increased need for cooperation between companies, academia and authorities. In response to this, Swedish Life Cycle Center, since 2016, Swedish Life Cycle Center organizes a dialogue group for Swedish government agencies in a formalized cooperation, involving nine agencies and over 40 people in the network. The group meets on a regular basis to share experience, to build common knowledge in the life cycle field, and to collaborate in important national initiatives (e.g., in LCA-data). These authorities have an important role in shaping policies and legislation on the national and EU level. Another important part of the collaboration is the opportunity for the authorities to take part in activities within the center to further build competence and network, creating a neutral arena for cooperation between companies, academia and authorities. In this presentation, we will share our learnings and results from this unique government collaboration, from practice – how it works, to the outcome – how this has contributed to competence building among Swedish government agencies and an increase in life cycle-based policies in Sweden. We will also provide examples on how life cycle thinking is applied in some of these authorities (e.g., for building and construction, procurement and sustainable consumption) and present the driving forces behind the growing interest in life cycle thinking and the future needs of life cycle knowledge among authorities to better manage a sustainable transition.