Adiwijaya, David; Hanafi, Jessica; Angelica, Fabiola; Sulistio, Calvin

Sustainable concepts and activities can only be realised through a behavioural change from people. Operational inefficiencies resulting in waste of resources are happening across numerous sectors. An example of operational inefficiency is the food loss and food waste that is happening every day around the world. The common root cause among these operational inefficiencies is often the human factor. Human tend to produce poor quality of work due to lack of discipline, lack of knowledge, ignorance, and limited capacity to understand procedures. LCA methodology can help pinpoint the potential improvement areas, however without the involvement of direct actors to do the change, sustainability will only remain a vision. We witnessed the behavioural change in people through adversities such as the pandemic, aggressive promotion or even gamification. However, adversities are temporary, and the subsequent decision determines the magnitude of improvements. Monitoring and evaluation are a fundamental component of sustainability. A mobile application mimicking LCA methodology is applied to assess human behaviour. The app was developed to engage and motivate people towards behavioural change that can be effectively implemented within a short time. The application enables the digitalisation of procedures, tracking the completion of tasks at an individual level and task level. The inventories collected through the app allow an advanced analytical assessment to monitor the performance of human behaviour at a granular level, provided in a digital dashboard. Data collected from the usage of the app enable the development of a propensity model. The app was tested in various sectors at different value chains in emerging countries and consistently proven to be an effective tool in changing human behaviour.