Pasi, Maria Cristina; Galeano, Carlos; Iorio, Matteo; Lomazzi, Eleonora; Rapf, Matthias

In this presentation, Italmatch offers a journey through its LCM experience on specific case studies in the P4 Chemistry, which is the backbone of Italmatch product-portfolio worldwide. In this context, Italmatch is developing a phosphorus based systemic chemical platform to facilitate circular, profitable and sustainable activities aiming at less environmental impact. As an example, Italmatch is committed to develop an Elemental Phosphorus (P4) production out of secondary materials like Sewage Sludge. This will be the first link in an entire value chain inside the company contributing greatly to circular economy, considering product design, R&D, process technology and the users community: 1. Recovery of sewage sludge, whose phosphorus and other components would otherwise remain unused; 2. Obtaining of better quality P4 as main product, with respect to its by-products, than the current market quality; 3. Use of P4 as a raw material for selected derivatives that will end in fast growing environmentally friendly and sustainable industries like Electric Vehicles Batteries (EVB); 4. Development of new industrial processes to recover important components out of EVB once exhausted. This Life Cycle Management value chain we will demonstrate by means of three of Italmatch’s innovative development projects: 1. The design and development of an economical and environmentally friendly new elemental phosphorus production process, using sewage sludge as resource, transforming it into high value products including white phosphorus and a CO2-neutral cement (H2020 project “FlashPhos”). 2. The usage of renewable & sustainable sources to increase circularity and reduce energy consumption in EVB production (IPCEI EUBatIN project “Parses”) 3. The significant introduction of secondary raw materials in trialkyl phosphites production to reduce environmental impact by waste prevention, saving of primary natural resources and reduction of CO2 emissions (Life project “LIFE Trialkyl”).