MO.1.B || Transformation Towards Future Mobility

Salles, Ana; Lätsch, Corinna; Das, Totaram; Prado, Luis; Coskun, Selim; Pfeuffer, Simon; Geß, Andreas

Life Cycle Inventories (LCI) from aircraft airframe technologies have been developed by Fraunhofer, Altran and University of Stuttgart (IABP) in the Airframe Integrated Technology Demonstrator Platform of Clean Sky (CS). This CS Joint Undertaking is the largest European aeronautics research programme and funds research activities to deliver significantly quieter and more environmentally friendly aircraft. In order to ensure the eco-design approach and guarantee the environmental improvement of the new materials and technologies investigated, this group is working on new LCI from Clean Sky Airframe technologies. The main fields of investigation include: Metals and Surface Treatments (innovative chromate-free surface protection schemes for metal alloys, new machining processes, use of lighter alloys); Thermosets (advanced preforming technologies and new processes for curing-monitoring); Thermoplastics (innovative processes for welding, repair, scrapping and recycling, new manufacturing techniques with recycled materials); and Biomaterials (new manufacturing systems, new foams with improved fire retardancy and less toxicity). The main goal of this activity is to generate high-quality aviation specific LCI and LCA datasets to evaluate new innovations in aviation industry. These LCIs are based on robust and precise data, which are provided directly by industrial and advanced research partners: Israel Aerospace Industries, Hellenic Aerospace Industry, NLR, AeroMagnesium, AkzoNobel, Lortek, INASCO, Invent, Delft University of Technical (AMT), University of Patras (MEAD), University of Stuttgart (IFB) and Fraunhofer. At the moment, more than 80 new technologies are being modelled, mainly gate-to-gate. This LCI data is delivered to Eco-design Transverse Activity led by Fraunhofer for the evaluation of the environmental impact of the airframe demonstrators, such as thermoset wing; thermoplastic and metallic fuselage, and cabin interior parts.