WE.2.B || Social Life Cycle Assessment of Products

Saling, Peter

The Social LCA in our approach considers system boundaries by defining “system operators” comparable to unit processes of environmental LCA. We selected impact categories from different publications, e.g. the Round table for Product social metrics and established a framework how to address and measure social impacts along value chains. With the social LCA as one module of the SEEbalance® method, we measure social impacts by assessing 11 impact categories from different sources with different indicator sets are generated. The information needed is integrated for different levels of knowledge from different sources like Ecovadis, RepRisk or Maplecroft™. The previous results are transferred to resulting numerical scores and color code based scores. An aggregation scheme that was developed within this setup can aggregate and display the results in a meaningful and easy understandable manner. We can integrate different perspectives in the interpretation phase to support the generation of meaningful results. That supports the use in decision-making processes and allows to identification of improvement potentials. With different results we will underpin and explain the approach and how decision-making can be supported, how the increasing importance of social impacts can be addressed in industry but as well in SME. Further improvement potentials can be discussed the data generation approach as well.